This post describes the shape of my vanity and compels it to pay rent. As a step towards the integration of vanity into the Self, it is an example of The Solitaire Principle in action.

My particular brand of vanity, which I lovingly name innovanity, is characterized by an attachment to feelings of ownership and to my own creations. It is accompanied by a gut refusal to fix my life in ways that other people come up with.

I describe a short-term strategy called Derive and Reverse to leverage vanity as a productive force, rather than an unhealthy self-attachment and resistance to change. Derive by rebranding and making modifications to other people’s ideas to acquire a sense of ownership of and attachment to them. Reverse by understanding how you might become equally vain about the reversal of any given trait you are attached to.

The long term goal of this project is to entirely transmute capricious innovanity into a stable meta-confidence, a generalized confidence in one’s meta-processes no longer attached to particular object-level traits.

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