Hammertime Day 3: TAPs

This is part 3 of 30 in the Hammertime Sequence. Click here for the intro.

A running theme of Hammertime, especially for the next two days, is intentionality, or deliberateness. Instrumental rationality is designed to inject intentionality into all aspects of your life. Here’s how the 10 techniques fit into the intentionality puzzle:

  1. Noticing and having more intentions (Bug Hunt, CoZE, TAPs).
  2. Resolving internal conflict about what you intend to do (Goal Factoring, Focusing, Internal Double Crux).
  3. Learning how to convert intention to action (Yoda Timers, TAPs, Planning).
  4. Injecting intentions into System 1 so you can do what you intend even when you’re not paying attention (TAPs, Design, Mantras).
  5. Injecting intentions into reality so that reality pushes you towards, and not away from your goals (Design).

Trigger-Action Plans (TAPs) are the if-then statements of the brain. Installing a single TAP properly will convert a single intention into repeated action.

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