Hammertime Day 4: Design

This is part 4 of 30 in the Hammertime Sequence. Click here for the intro.

A central theme of Hammertime is that rationalists interact with reality first. We try for at least five minutes. We build habits to solve the bugs. We stick our necks out and ask reality for rapid feedback. Only after doing our due diligence and getting beaten back by reality should we turn to introspection.

That’s why the first five Hammertime techniques are for getting out and solving problems immediately. Only after interacting with reality and actually trying do we get to turn inwards to meditate, to question our motives, to get in touch with our feelings, and to make long-term plans.

Design is the most subtle approach for directly solving problems. It’s about permanently distorting the physical reality around you to propel you towards – instead of away from – completing your goals.

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