"Everything can be made radically elementary." ~Steven Rudich

Hammertime Intermission and Open Thread

This post marks the end of the first cycle of Hammertime. Click here for intro.

Hammertime will return on Monday 2/19.

I want to close off the first cycle with some thoughts, and designate a place for discussion about the future of this sequence.

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Hammertime Day 10: Murphyjitsu

This is part 10 of 30 in the Hammertime Sequence. Click here for the intro.

Like, so pessimistic that reality actually comes out better than you expected around as often and as much as it comes out worse. It’s actually really hard to be so pessimistic that you stand a decent chance of undershooting real life.

Later in the day I will put up an open thread about the first cycle of Hammertime.

We finish up the first cycle with another post on planning. Murphyjitsu is CFAR’s method for planning which asks us to try to be so pessimistic as to undershoot real life.

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