Missives from China

by radimentary

Driving in China

You’ve heard of the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma. But have you heard of Iterated Chicken?

Heat Lag

Day 4: Temperature is experienced differently here. People wear wool coats over turtlenecks in 70 degree weather. Counted two other people wearing T-shirts out of thousands.

Day 5: It’s freezing out. I really miss my winter coat.

A Fatal Error

Two days before Chinese New Year, I went to the supermarket and bought my own snacks.

Feeling Like a Native

A man on a moped asked me for directions today. To the place I was walking.

Evolution of Fashion

Day 2: Two cute little girls seen wearing spinning pinwheels in their hair.

Day 3: Every little girl is wearing them.

Day 4: Boy spotted wearing pinwheel. Two girls spotted wearing double pinwheels.

Day 5: Grown ass women with rainbow pinwheels in their hair.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Would anyone attempt this mountain if the height of its summit could be perceived from the base?

Feeling Attractive

Watched too many Asian idol dramas recently. Average Chinese people are pleasingly homely in comparison.

An Electrifying Coincidence

My wife is from Edison, New Jersey. Her ancestors brought the light bulb to China.

Feeling Like a Native, Part 2

Out of place on a crowded street. Overheard dialects from all over China. Realized Chinese people are tourists, even in China. I’m right at home.