Yoda Timers 2

This is part 12 of 30 of Hammertime. Click here for the intro.

Anyone who can muster their willpower for thirty seconds, can make a desperate effort to lift more weight than they usually could.  But what if the weight that needs lifting is a truck?  Then desperate efforts won’t suffice; you’ll have to do something out of the ordinary to succeed.  You may have to do something that you weren’t taught to do in school.  Something that others aren’t expecting you to do, and might not understand.  You may have to go outside your comfortable routine, take on difficulties you don’t have an existing mental program for handling, and bypass the System.

Make an Extraordinary Effort

I don’t know if I’ve ever made an extraordinary effort (that’s probably evidence I haven’t), but I’ve certainly made desperate efforts. The philosophy of Yoda Timers is that it might be enough to make desperate efforts all the time: to do the known thing as well and quickly as can be done. Past that is the realm of rare genius.

CFAR calls Yoda Timers “Resolve Cycles,” a sub-skill of Resolve – the ability to make a desperate effort. Least glamorous of all rationality techniques, Resolve deserves its own book. How much could you accomplish just by more brute force all the time?

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